Curriculum Vitae

Popular culture historian and journalist
Curriculum Vitae
MA (Comparative Literature)
Brooklyn College
Thesis: A Succession of Masks: Batman’s Evolving Sexuality
BA (Art Education)
Virginia Commonwealth University
Degree focus on the American comic book (Thesis subject: Reestablishing Batman’s sexuality in the 1960s via the camp genre), and its effect on both pop culture and society. Other interests include film history, trans-media of the 1980s, detective fiction of the Great Depression and WWII eras, The Blue Beetle comic book, the American comic strip, film noir, old time radio, and post-modernism in film and comic books.
2013- Adjunct faculty/Travelling Lecturer, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

2003, 2005   Comic Book Art Teacher, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Summer Program (High School Age)
2001-2003    Elementary Art Teacher, Cumberland Elementary School, Cumberland, VA
2000-2001    English 10 Teacher, Cumberland High School, Cumberland, VA
1999-            Consultant, Virginia Commonwealth University Special Collections
2013- Consulting Editor, Comic Book Creator
As consulting editor, discuss editorial and contribute feature articles to this magazine on the comic book industry and its history.

2012-2013       Producer/Host, The Drawn Word TV
                    This four-episode video talk show takes a classic approach to interviewing comic book luminaries.
2012-2013       Editor-in-Chief, The Drawn Word
                    This digital comics magazine features a combination of essaying about comics, creator profiles, classic comic reprints, and original comics.
2008-2012    Editor/Writer, Graphic NYC (
                    This website project features interview-based profiles with dozens of comic book creators and reviews, and is coming out in book form in April 2012.
2000-2006    Associate Editor, Comic Book Artist
                    Wrote regularly and developed historically-themed issues for this comics journalism magazine. CBA received five consecutive Eisner Awards for “Best Comics Related Periodical” during my tenure.
2000-2004    Editor/writer/inker/letterer, Hot Lead Studios
                    Packaged original comic book stories with different artists for a variety of publications, from independent superhero to educational comics.
1997-            Comic book journalist and historian, freelance.
Have written for a variety of trade publications, from print to web, on different aspects of comic book history.
Available upon request.
Interview-based journalistic essays with cartoonists and graphic novelists
“Bryan Lee O’Malley on Genre-Blending and Indie Comics”, 5/24/13
“Robert Kirkman and the Creative Life of Walking Dead”, 3/26/13
“Evan Dorkin: On Defying Genre”, 1/25/13
“Pete Bagge feels the Hate!”, 6/27/2012
“Chris Ware on Building a Better Comic Book”, 3/6/12
“Getting Scary, Cheery and Chatty with Jill Thompson”, 1/30/12
“Paul Levitz: The History of the Past and Future”, 1/4/12
“Alex Ross: Making the Old Guard New”, 11/21/11
“Brian Azzarello on Crime and Superheroes”, 10/26/11
“Dan Didio: Comics and Controversy”, 10/10/11
“Grant Morrison: Of SuperGods and Supermen”, 9/8/11
“Chris Claremont on Evolving the X-Men”, Part One and Part Two, 6/13/11 and 6/22/11
“Jeffrey Brown, the Incredible Changing Artist!”, 5/10/11
“Stan ‘The Man’ Lee: ‘Nuff Said!”, 4/5/11
“Dwayne McDuffie: A Career of Diversity”, 3/3/11
“Kyle Baker: From Bullpens to Self-Publishing”, 1/31/11
“Frank Miller, Part 2: On Pastiche, Directing and the Future”, 12/7/2010
“Frank Miller, Part 1: Dames, Dark Knights, Devils, and Heroes”, 12/1/10
“Art Spiegelman: Still Movin’ with Comix”, 11/17/10
“Micheal Kupperman and Tales Designed to Thrizzle”, 10/29/10
“James Sturm: Modern Storytelling in a Period Setting”, 9/21/10
“Jim Shooter’s Secret Origin, In His Own Words”, Parts 1 and 2, 7/20/10 and 7/26/10
“Jaime Hernandez: Love, Rockets, Punk Rock, and Comix”, 5/11/10
“Gene Colan: On Vampires, Shadows, and the Industry”, 5/3/10
“Dick Giordano: It Had to Be For Love”, 4/6/10
“Jason Little: Improving Comic Art”, 3/30/10
“Knockin’ One Back with Ben Templesmith”, 3/23/10
“Will Eisner: The Spirit of Comic”, 3/9/10
“Talking Comics with Scott McCloud”, 3/1/10
“Jack Kirby: The King of Comics”, 2/8/10
“Brian Michael Bendis Takes Siege of New York”, 2/2/10
“Larry Hama: All About Character”, 1/19/10
Kabuki and Daredevil’s David Mack: Breaking Panel Borders”, 12/8/09
American Splendor’s Inimitable Harvey Pekar”, 11/30/09
“Madman’s Mike Allred: Rock Out Flying an Atomic Red Rocket 7”, 11/23/09
“Diario de Peter Kuper: From World War 3 to Spy vs. Spy”, 11/13/09
“Joe Quesada: Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Without Fear”, 11/2/09
“Neal Adams: Evolving Comics from Print to Motion”, 10/19/09
“Tom Hart: From Hutch Owen to Saying Everything”, 10/13/09
“Matt Madden on the Intuition and Experimentation of Comics”, 10/5/09
“The Creepy, Funny, Absurdist World of Playboy’s Gahan Wilson”, 9/22/09
“Nick Bertozzi: The Perpetual Student of Comics”, 9/14/09
“Fighting Northlanders in the DMZ…or the Incredibly Talented Mr. Brian Wood”, 9/9/09
“Ruling the Night with Kevin Colden”, 8/15/2009
“Comics and Philosophy with Michel Fiffe”, 8/10/09
“The Pen is Mightier than the Revolver: Chatting with Jimmy Palmiotti”, 8/3/09
A.D.'s Josh Neufeld on Comics and Collaborations”, 7/28/09
“Jules Feiffer: The Great Comic Hero”, 7/14/09
“Carmine Infantino's Final Interview? No way.”, 7/2/09
“Casting Gotham's Shadow: A Visit with Jerry Robinson”, 6/17/09
“Mike Dawson and Me: The Artist on Being More Than Just ‘The Queen Guy’”, 6/9/09
“‘If you're lucky’: Joe Simon on Life and Comic Books”, 5/30/09
“Becky Cloonan and Her Arsenal of Styles”, 5/26/09
“Firing Off with Tim Hamilton”, 5/18/09
“Daring to be Different with Joe Infurnari”, 5/11/09
“Kat Roberts and the Online World”, 5/5/09
“The Political Evolution of Denny O'Neil”, 4/27/09
“Around the World with Simon Fraser”, 4/20/09
“Walter Simonson and How He Became the Man Who Fell Into Comics”, 4/13/09
“Keeping current with Joe Kubert”, 3/22/09
“Love, Death, and Rock 'n' Roll with Mike Cavallaro”, 3/16/09
“Getting Mythological with George O'Connor”, 3/9/09
“Love and Style: Christine Norrie on Romance and NYC”, 3/2/09
“The New York Life with Bob Fingerman”, 2/16/09
“Bleeding Hipster Ink: A Chat with Dean Haspiel”, 2/2/09
“Evolving Comics: Dan Goldman on 08”, 1/26/09
“Irwin Hasen on New York Dreams”, 1/19/09
“On the Fringe with Paul Pope”, 1/13/09
“Al Jaffee's Amazing Fold-In Life”, 1/9/09
“Howard Chaykin: The Reinvented Man”, 12/31/08
“The Bottomless Depths of Dash Shaw”, 12/27/08


Leaping Tall Buildings: The Origin of the American Comic Book, comics journalism/art book, 2012—powerHouse Publishing
Graphic NYC Presents: Dean Haspiel The Early Years, comics journalism/art book, 2010—IDW Publishing
Comics Introspective, Volume I: Peter Bagge, comics journalism/art book, 2007—TwoMorrows Publishing
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The First Movie Superheroes, comics and film history research book, not yet published
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“Children Of The Atom: How The X-Men mutated to become the nucleus of Marvel Comics”, Cover feature, Alter Ego #58 (May 2006) 3-8 "
"Gil Kane on Comics--Past, Present, and Future", Interview, Alter Ego #5 (Summer 2000) 16-20
Back Issue
“Gotham City’s Other Dynamic Duo: Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle”, Interview, Back Issue #22 (June 2007)
“The Genesis of Hellboy: Mike Mignola”, Interview, Back Issue #21 (April 2007) 3-5
“The Swivel-Arm Battle-Grip Revolution: How G.I. Joe recruited a new generation of comic-book readers”, Cover feature, Back Issue #16 (June 2006) 15-31
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“War in Space: Goodwin and Williamson's Star Wars Strip”, Essay, Back Issue #14 (February 2006) 65-69

Comic Book Artist, Volume I

“Western CIV 101: Unlocking the Mystery of Gold Key Comics”, Cover feature, Comic Book Artist #22 (Oct 2002) 16-31
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Comic Book Artist, Volume 2
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Comic Book Creator
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Comic Book Marketplace
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Comics Buyer’s Guide

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Static Shock invades the Airwaves”, Cover feature, Comics Buyer’s Guide #1402 (September 29, 2000) 22-24
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Sally Vane, Writer, (2012), monthly comic book
The Fourth Wheel, Plotter/inker/editor, Hot Lead Studios/Homeward (non-profit) (2004) 4-page educational “ashcan” comic book
“Miss Scarab”, Writer/inker/letterer, Femforce #122 (2003) 28-34
“Whizzards”, Breakdowns/layouts, Big Bang Comics: Whiz Kids #1 (April 2003) 22-40
Blackbird, Writer/inker/editor, Hot Lead Studios (self-published) (2002) 40-page comic book


“Night of the Goddess”, Writer/inker, Femforce #125 (2004) 15-27
“An Immaterial Love Story”, Writer/inker/letterer, Femforce #125 (2004) 37-43
“Untitled She-Cat story,” Writer, Femforce #126 (2004) 17-23
“Mission Prometheus: Part One”, Writer/inker, Femforce #132 (2005) 1-5
“Mission Prometheus: Part Two:, Writer, Femforce #133 (2005) 24-29
“Generation Gap”, Writer, Femforce #134 (2006) 1-24
“Love Hurts”, Writer, Femforce #135 (2006) 13-19
“Death of the Goddess!”, Writer, Femforce #136 (2006) 1-8
“Starcrossed”, Story, Femforce #137 (2006) 1-6
“Jungle Love”, Story, Femforce #137 (2006) 7-13
“Dagger Quest”, Story, Femforce #137 (2006) 14-21
“My own worst enemy”, Writer, Femforce #138 (2007) 1-9
“Shadowhunt”, Story, Femforce #138 (2007) 11-17
“Young Adult Graphic Novels”, Panel, Heroes Con, moderator, 6/8/2013
“All Ages Comics”, Panel, Heroes Con, moderator, 6/9/2013
“The Humor Panel with Frank Cho, Peter Bagge, Tim Rickard, and Evan Dorkin”, Panel, Heroes Con, moderator, 6/9/2013
“Walter Simonson Spotlight”, Panel, Jim Hanley’s Universe, moderator, 9/19/12
“Leaping Tall Buildings”, Panel, Jim Hanley’s Universe, moderator, 7/25/12
“Social Relevance in Comics with Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams”, Panel, Housing Works Bookstore, moderator, 7/17/2012
Comic book and graphic novel guest lecturer, Kent Worcester, Marymount Manhattan College, 7/19/12
“Social Relevancy in Comics with Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams”, Panel, Housing Works, moderator, 7/17/12
“Hero, Villian, Yeti: Tibet in Comics” Art unveiling, Rubin Museum, moderator, 4/18/12
“Leaping Tall Buildings: Behind the Pictures”, Powerhouse Books Leaping Tall Buildings release party, moderator, 4/14/12
“Comics to Film”, Powerhouse Books Leaping Tall Buildings release party, moderator, 4/14/12
“Autobio and Semi-Autobio Comic Books”, Powerhouse Books Leaping Tall Buildings release party, moderator, 4/14/12
“New York: Real and Imagined”, Columbia University, moderator, March 2012.
“Jerry Robinson Spotlight”, Barnes and Noble in NYC, moderator, 6/29/11
“The Creativity and Business of Cartooning”, Pratt Institute, panelist, 4/7/10
“Kyle Baker Spotlight”, King Con, moderator, 11/6/10
“Graphic NYC Panel”, King Con, moderator, 11/7/09
“Two MAD Men: Al Jaffee and Peter Kuper”, King Con, moderator, 11/7/09
“The Blue Beetle: The Definitive Mysteryman”, San Diego Comic Con, Presenter, 6/00


“Tragedy in Colorado: Movie Theater Massacre”, Studio interview, 7/20/12
48 Hours Mystery
“Tragedy in Aurora”, location interview, 7/21/12
The Drawn Word TV
“Peter Kuper”, Studio interview, host, 2/20/2012
“Larry Hama”, Studio interview, host, 2/20/2012
“Dash Shaw”, Studio interview, host, 2/20/2012
“Chris Claremont”, Studio interview, host, 2/20/2012
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Trip City Podcast
“The Origin of Leaping Tall Buildings”, Podcast interview, 7/13/2012
2006-2008, 2012-    Pop Culture Association
2012-                       Author’s Guild
2012- Comic Book Legal Defense Fund