Saturday, July 11, 2020

I am an associate professor in Communication Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University, where I teach History of Visual Communication, Star Wars Decoded, The Superhero Decoded, as well as genre-focused media classes such as Batman in Media and Comic Book to Film. Starting Fall 2020, I am also a doctoral candidate in the Media, Art, and Text program. Outside of academia, my work as a comic book historian and journalist has been published in the book Leaping Tall Buildings, The Blue Beetle Companion, Conversations: Larry Hama, Conversations: Mike Allred, and several magazines, from Comics Buyer's Guide to The Comics Journal and (my greatest magazine work) Comic Book Artist magazine. As The Drawn Word, I publish everything from pulp novellas to trading cards for the comic book industry. Past projects include Mike Allred's Madman, Jeffrey Brown's Incredible Change-Bots, The Black Ghost, the Four Color comic book history cards, and Eagle Force. I am also available for speaking engagements, panel discussions, and more.